Thank you to all the riders that participated in this year's Herald Continental Cycle Tour. 

Results are now available at:

Mountain Bike

Team Corporate Challenge  


We look forward to hosting you at the 2019 Herald Continental Cycle Tour. 


2013 Race Tec

RaceTec Event Technology would like to publicly and irrevocably apologise for some timing irregularities that occurred during the Herald Continental Cycle Tour, held on Sunday 25 February 2018.

Our timing equipment, although in impeccable working order, is susceptible to interference from certain power and radio frequency sources. Although we have done everything on Sunday to mitigate these types of interferences, we believe that our timing mats were desensitised to some extent. The net result of such an interference is that the read quality deteriorates noticeably and that some timing chips were possibly missed on the finish line. Our team on Sunday had backup measures in place and is busy working through these to make sure that every rider wearing a RaceTec chip, is awarded his/her correct riding time. We are not taking this matter lightly and would like to assure you that we are working diligently to improve our internal process, and I hope you will bear with us as we develop a better approach to handling specific issues that arise with some of our products.

Again, please accept our apology for this inconvenience. If you wish to query your result, please mail us on queries@racetec.co.za or go to www.racetec.co.za/profile/query-my-result/ and complete the prompts to electronically log your query.