Team Corp Challenge

Tis0 8611 Hct 2018 Team Relay Map

The Herald Continental Cycle Tour team is excited to host the 2nd edition of the Team Corporate Challenge.

The first edition saw more than 100 riders cross the finish line and we encourage cyclists to tackle this race and join in the fun.

This event will see cycling partners, be it friends, couples or colleagues, take part in the Team Corporate Challenge, set for both the road and mountain bike enthusiasts. Promising an exciting race with a difference, taking a 23km road ride along the scenic Marine Drive tagging your partner onto the 15 km mountain bike route, which travels through the beautiful NMU Nature Reserve.

The event has been created to allow new comers to experience road or mountain biking in an exciting race with an enjoyable route. For the dedicated cyclist the event boasts an element of sportsmanship not often found in other events.

We are excited to introduce the second edition of the Team Corporate Challenge and welcome all school, corporate, family and friend teams to enter.

Remember there are limited entries available so get your entries in now! ENTER HERE

Corporate Team Challenge Prize Money 2018

1 R5 000.00
2 R3 000.00
3 R1 000.00
1 R3 000.00
2 R2 000.00
3 R1 000.00
Individual ride/ Kids under 18 years
1 Trophy
2 Trophy
3 Trophy